Cool Kindergarten

These learning to read games are a collection on online games for kindergarten kids to teach the following foundational reading skills – that go beyond learning the abc’s to using and manipulating them. *Includes skills that go beyond kindergarten standards.

  • – Letter Recognition / Letter Naming
  • – Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching
  • – Alphabetical Order (ABC Order)
  • – Rhyming
  • – Beginning Sounds / Ending Sounds
  • – Onset and Rime
  • – Blending/Sounding Out CVC Words
  • – Short Vowel Sounds
  • – Manipulating Sounds in All Positions of CVC Word
  • – Recognizing General Spelling Patterns (silent e, common digraphs, r-controlled vowels)*
  • – Sounding Out Four Letter Words*
  • – Reading Words Using Word Families (chunks)*

Games linked from this page practice Common Core Standards: K.RF.1.dK.RF.2.aK.RF.2.dK.RF.2.cK.RF.2.eK.RF.3.aK.RF.3.bK.RF.3.cK.RF.3.dK.L.2.d,  RF.1.2.bRF.1.3.a,RF.1.3.cRF.1.3.g