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Monster Numbers Video
Birthday Candles
Busy Day Bugs
Count How Many
Mr. Noodle's Dogs
Lotta Sports
Order 1-10
Number Match
I Spy Numbers
Count to 20 Video
Number Bingo


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Numbers and Counting Games

This set of beginning number sense activities focuses on the following foundational skills.

  • Counting to 10, Rote Counting to 20
  • Counting Objects 1:1
  • Recognizing and Naming Numbers to 10; to 20
  • Creating a Set of Objects to Match Given Numeral

Games linked from this page practice Common Core Standards: K.CC.AK.CC.A.1 (to 20), K.CC.A.2K.CC.B.4K.CC.B.4.BK.CC.B.4.cK.CC.B.5