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Why We Have Ads

A former public school teacher – turned work-at-home mom started CoolKindergarten in 2015 because she knew how time-consuming it could be to find standards-based games and activities in one kinder-friendly place. is designed to provide a “home” location to get to fun, standards-based activities kids can use under the guidance and observation of their teachers and parents.

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It is the intent to only show advertisements that are appropriate and family-friendly. We use Google Adsense network and have marked all ad placements to be child-directed. If you feel any advertisement you see on our site is inappropriate, please fill out the form below to let me know.

  • CoolKindergarten is not responsible for the ad content you see on the games, activities, links, and resources linked from this website.
  • Only child-friendly websites are selected for the links available to students, though we do not have control over the content on those sites.
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There are many malware or adware programs that can replace our ads with bad ones. This happens on computers that have malware installed. If you see lots of bad, or inappropriate ads, this is most likely the case. Please contact a tech specialist to help you resolve the issue.

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